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Facebook under fire

Your five-minute guide to what's happening in tech this Thursday, from what Facebook knows about its users to the downside of Tencent's online charity efforts.


Activision Blizzard hires Disney exec amid ongoing harassment crisis

Activision Blizzard is parting ways with its chief people officer, Claudine Naughton, the company announced on Tuesday. The company said Naughton's departure is unrelated to its ongoing sexual harassment crisis instigated last month by a California labor lawsuit, which alleged widespread discrimination against female employees.

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SEC charges App Annie with securities fraud in $10 million settlement

The SEC announced Tuesday that it's charging App Annie, the mobile app data provider, with securities fraud, accusing the company of "engaging in deceptive practices" and misrepresenting the origins of its data. App Annie will pay a $10 million settlement, according to the announcement, although the company has not admitted to any of the SEC's findings.

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CWA is charging Activision Blizzard with violating labor laws

The Communications Workers of America (CWA) filed unfair labor charges against gaming giant Activision Blizzard for worker intimidation on Monday, alleging the company has tried to squash organizing efforts in the wake of an ongoing discrimination and sexual assault scandal.

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Amazon wants to hire another 125,000 warehouse workers and drivers

Amazon plans to hire another 125,000 warehouse workers and delivery drivers in the United States, as well as 40,000 more corporate employees.

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Zoom unveils new Whiteboard feature

Zoom announced Monday the launch of Zoom Whiteboard, which allows users to collaborate asynchronously via a virtual whiteboard accessible from Zoom, as well as from a web browser.

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