Theranos’ investor pitches go on trial

Prosecutors in the Elizabeth Holmes fraud case are now highlighting allegations the company sought to mislead investors.


Adobe will place unvaccinated employees on unpaid leave

Adobe said it will place employees on unpaid leave if they're not vaccinated by Dec. 8, CNBC reported Friday. The company cited President Joe Biden's executive order on vaccines as rationale for the new rule, according to a notice the company sent to employees.

Over 90% of Adobe employees have told the company that they're vaccinated against COVID-19 or in the process of getting vaccinated. As for those who haven't yet gotten the vaccine, the company said it'll weigh religious or medical exemptions.

Earlier this month IBM also said that unvaccinated workers will be suspended without pay. On the contrary, companies like Apple and Amazon rolled out incentives for its employees to get vaccinated, but they haven't set an outright mandate.

Report: Epic Games ends every-other-Friday-off policy

Epic Games will no longer give employees every other Friday off, Bloomberg reported Friday.

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New Facebook whistleblower says platform let hate speech flourish

A new Facebook whistleblower is accusing Facebook of prioritizing money over the fight against hate speech and misinformation, The Washington Post reported Friday. The whistleblower, who is a former member of the platform's Integrity team and spoke under the condition of anonymity to The Post, made those claims to the SEC as well.

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Walmart will let customers buy bitcoin at select locations

Walmart will now let customers buy bitcoin. And it's not a hoax this time.

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Snap said Apple's privacy push hurt its business, and investors are panicking

Snap shares fell around 22% as the market opened Friday morning, the day after Snap announcing Apple's ad-tracking changes is presenting more of a challenge than it thought. "We grappled with industry changes to the way advertising is targeted, optimized, and measured on iOS that created a more significant impact on our business than we had expected," Snap's Chief Business Officer Jeremi Gorman said on the company's earnings call Thursday.

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