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Google wants to (try to) make Google Glass cool again

Also this week: savvy virtual assistants, surveillance without violating people's privacy, and more patents from Big Tech.


Google contractors reach first union agreement

After two years of negotiations, about 60 Pittsburgh-based workers represented by the United Steelworkers have reached a tentative union contract agreement with Google contractor HCL America, becoming one of the first unions to ever successfully reach a formal contract agreement with a large tech company.

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Facebook slams Apple over cloud gaming restrictions

Facebook on Friday brought its cloud gaming service to iOS devices using the Safari browser. It's a similar delivery method as Google's Stadia service and Microsoft's Xbox Cloud Gaming platform, and it's due to Apple's App Store restrictions that cloud gaming providers are resorting to browser-based solutions instead of native apps.

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Amazon will investigate discrimination claims at AWS

Amazon plans to investigate allegations of discrimination and harassment at Amazon Web Services, according to The Washington Post. The probe follows a petition signed by more than 550 Amazon employees that claims the company's current system to look into reports of discrimination are not "fair, objective or transparent."

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HashiCorp co-founder Mitchell Hashimoto steps back from executive team

Mitchell Hashimoto, who co-founded cloud infrastructure startup HashiCorp and helped build it into one of the most valuable private startups in enterprise tech, announced Thursday that he will step down as co-chief technology officer but remain an individual contributor with the company.

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The bill on Section 230 and COVID-19 misinformation is here

Two Democratic senators introduced a bill that would limit how Section 230, a prized legal shield for social media companies, applies to COVID-19 misinformation.

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