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The plot to kill .com

One domain ending has dominated the internet for decades. Everyone else would like to change that.


Berkshire Hathaway's share prices literally broke the stock market

The Wall Street Journal warned on Tuesday that shares of Berkshire Hathaway Class A stock were approaching the $429,496.73 limit inherent to the Nasdaq digital format used to store stock prices. The stock passed that threshold Thursday, leading several popular stock ticker sites to show the price making wild oscillations of 99% magnitude. The Nasdaq site simply says there is no data currently available for the Class A shares of Berkshire Hathaway.

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Google will soon automatically enroll users in two-factor authentication

Google announced via blog post Thursday that it will soon automatically enroll users in two-factor authentication (2FA). So long as their Google accounts are appropriately configured, users will be prompted to confirm log-in attempts through their mobile phones. The announcement came on World Password Day (which apparently is a real thing that Google did not make up for the sake of this announcement).

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PlayStation owners file antitrust lawsuit against Sony

PlayStation owners have sued Sony over what they allege is unlawful and monopolistic behavior with regard to restrictions on digital game purchases. The lawsuit, filed in California early Thursday morning and first reported by Bloomberg, is seeking class-action status and addresses issues with digital software distribution that sit at the heart of the ongoing Epic Games v. Apple antitrust trial.

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Marc Levine helped go public. Is Tanium next?

Marc Levine, the cybersecurity company's incoming financial chief, previously served in the same capacity at and helped the AI startup go public.

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Plan for $100 billion in U.S. science spending to beat China gets IBM backing

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna joined the White House and bipartisan members of Congress in endorsing the Endless Frontier Act, which would direct $100 billion in spending to the National Science Foundation as the U.S. looks to get ahead in competition against China.

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