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Is Peter Thiel the most powerful venture capitalist in the world?

In "The Contrarian," author Max Chafkin argues Thiel's power is more cultural than political.


Amazon has banned 3,000 Chinese seller accounts

Amazon has banned a total of approximately 600 Chinese third-party brands and 3,000 related third-party seller accounts in a crackdown this year, Cindy Tai, the company's Vice President of Asia Global Selling, told Chinese media on Friday.

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SpaceX's Starbase will likely be allowed to launch the Starship rocket

After months of review, the Federal Aviation Administration released a draft environmental report Friday for SpaceX's controversial plans to launch the new Starship rocket at its South Texas launch facility.

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Pokémon Go maker Niantic is shutting down its AR Catan game

Niantic, the creator of Pokémon Go, is shutting down Catan: World Explorers, one of its more high-profile augmented reality follow-ups, before it even fully launches. The game will be gone for good on Nov. 18, the developer announced on the dedicated Catan: World Explorers website early Friday morning.

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Apple mandates COVID-19 testing

Apple employees will have to get tested regularly for COVID-19, according to The Verge.

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Apple and Google pull Russian opposition apps from app store

Apple and Google removed an app created by allies of opposition leader Alexei Navalny from their app stores on Friday, under pressure from the Russian government. The Smart Voting app is part of Navalny's strategy to promote candidates running against those backed by the Kremlin.

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