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Introducing Protocol's Braintrust

Introducing Protocol's Braintrust

See who's who in our community of experts.

Too often, discussions about tech and its impacts are dominated by the loudest voices on Twitter and the purveyors of the hottest take — even as the voices of people with real expertise on the issues go unheard. The Protocol Braintrust will change that.

Protocol is assembling a group of genuine experts to become members of Braintrust — C-suite executives from tech companies and legacy companies dealing with tech's impact; engineers and others who do the hard work of making tech happen; innovators and investors whose startups are on the cutting edge; bankers and lawyers who make deals happen and see the risks around the corners; tech company employees who watch the future unfolding from the inside; and the smartest, most dialed-in thinkers from academia and public policy.

Each week, we'll poll the group on pressing questions in tech and present their views as a snapshot of the smartest, most informed thinking available. And each week, we'll dive deeper with a selected group of Braintrust members who have specific expertise on the issue of the week, publishing responses from them that will give you access to the smartest, best-informed insights available anywhere.

We'll ask the Braintrust to respond to a mix of questions — some that go to big, existential and evergreen issues and long-term trends, and others that offer opportunities to understand their real-time analysis and predictions about the major developments in tech news.

Should you or someone you know be a part of the Braintrust? Contact braintrust@protocol.com

Who's who in Protocol's Braintrust?

Selim Aissi

SVP and CISO, Ellie Mae

Gary Beasley

CEO & Co-Founder, Roofstock

Kobi Bentkovski

CEO and Co-Founder, Water.IO

Doug Brake

Director, Broadband and Spectrum Policy, ITIF

Rumman Chowdhury

Responsible AI Lead, Accenture

Carl Christensen

CTO and Co-Founder, Spacemaker AI

Topher Conway

Co-Managing Partner, SV Angel

James Cooper

Professor of Law, California Western School of Law

Zachary Crockett

Founder and CTO, Particle

Seth Dobrin

VP IBM Data and AI, Chief Data Officer at IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software, IBM

Jennifer Doleac

Director, Justice Tech Lab

Sarah Edwards

Author and Instructor, SANS Institute

Tilman Ehrbeck

Managing Partner, Flourish Ventures

Paul Eremenko

Aerospace Executive and Entrepreneur

Susan Etlinger

Industry Analyst, Altimeter Group

Lucien Foster

Head of Digital Partnerships, BNY Mellon

Summer Fowler

Chief Information Officer, Argo AI

Marcus Fowler 

Director of Strategic Threat, Darktrace

Dario Gil

Director of IBM Research, IBM

Andrew Graham

CEO and Co-Founder, Borrowell

Kirsten Green

Founding Partner, Forerunner Ventures

Helen Greiner

Army HQE Robotics, Autonomous Systems, and AI, ASAALT

Steve Grobman

SVP and CTO, McAfee

Liz Howard 

Counsel, Democracy, Brennan Center for Justice

John Hultquist

Director, Intelligence Analysis, FireEye, Inc.

Karen Jaw-Madson

Principal, Co.-Design of Work Experience

Alex Jiménez

Chief Strategy Officer, Extractable

Jeremy K. Balkin

Head of Innovation, HSBC Bank USA

Raffi Krikorian

Managing Director, Emerson Collective

Susan Liautaud

Founder, The Ethics Incubator

Roxana Marachi

Associate Professor of Education, San José State University

Evan Marwell

Founder and CEO, EducationSuperHighway

Ann Miura-Ko

Co-Founding Partner, Floodgate

Devie Mohan

Co-Founder and CEO, Burnmark

Paul Newman

Founder and CTO, Oxbotica

William Peteroy

Chief Technology Officer, Security, Gigamon

Riana Pfefferkorn

Associate Director of Surveillance and Cybersecurity, Stanford CIS

John Rich

COO, Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC.

Ron Marquardt

Vice President of Technology, Sprint

Marietje Schaake

International Policy Director, Stanford Cyber Policy Center

Jon Sobel

Co-Founder and CEO, Sight Machine

David Siegel

Co-Chairman, Two Sigma

Bradley Tusk

Managing Partner, Tusk Ventures

Anne Toth

CEO, Privacyworks

Hunter Walk

Co-Founder and Partner, Homebrew

Jason Wilk

CEO and Co-Founder, Dave

Ruby Zefo

Chief Privacy Officer, Uber

And more...

Should you be here? Contact braintrust@protocol.com

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