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Mark Zuckerberg says regulate Facebook as something between a telco and a newspaper.

The Facebook CEO proposed a new framing for how he thinks regulators should treat his company during a speech at the Munich Security Conference in Germany today, Reuters reports.

"Right now there are two frameworks that I think people have for existing industries — there's like newspapers and existing media, and then there's the telco-type model, which is 'the data just flows through you,' but you're not going to hold a telco responsible if someone says something harmful on a phone line," he said. "I actually think where we should be is somewhere in between."

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Instagram is adding coronavirus tools.

The platform is the latest to start showing educational messages from the WHO in coronavirus searches, and will add new stickers encouraging people to wash their hands and stay at home.

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Twitter withdraws its Q1 guidance due to coronavirus.

The company said it's taken a hit to advertising revenue in recent weeks despite also reporting an increase in activity on the app.

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SoftBank wants to sell $41 billion of assets.

The Japanese conglomerate said it plans to use the proceeds to buy back $18 billion worth of shares and pay down its debt. Its shares rose on the news.

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Ex-Uber exec plead guilty to stealing trade secrets.

Anthony Levandowski could face prison time after pleading guilty on Thursday to stealing proprietary documents from Google, his former employer, before leaving to found Otto and later join Uber.

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