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Advertiser antitrust case against Google dismissed

Judge Beth Labson Freeman ruled the advertisers could refile if they fixed concerns about how they defined Google's market.

The Google sign at one of the company's offices.

A federal judge dismissed an antitrust suit against Google brought by a group of advertisers.

Photo: John Nacion/Getty Images

A federal judge dismissed an antitrust case against Google by a group of advertisers, but will let them refile if they address problems with the complaint, according to a report from Reuters.

Judge Beth Labson Freeman ruled on Thursday that the advertisers did not sufficiently explain which market they claim Google monopolizes, according to Reuters, and criticized a proposed market that "excludes social media display advertising and direct negotiations."

The judge also said the plaintiffs would need to elaborate on why they believe Google's actions with regard to rival systems might be anticompetitive as the idea that a monopolist has a "duty to deal" with competitors is highly controversial in antitrust law.

Google currently faces a range of antitrust complaints, including from government enforcers with the U.S. Justice Department and several states. A coalition led by Texas has focused in on the company's position in online ads.

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