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Here are all the businesses Apple decked during its event

Patreon, Tile and others might be panicking right about now.

Here are all the businesses Apple decked during its event

Watch out, Tile! Apple's AirTag is coming for you.

Image: Apple

Apple's "Spring Loaded" event was packed full of new product announcements. And when tech's biggest company enters new industries, it's often bad news for other companies, who now find themselves in competition with a behemoth. Here are just some of the companies that will be having frantic C-suite conversations today:


With Apple Podcast Subscriptions, podcasters can now charge for premium podcast feeds. With Apple's offering built into one of the world's most popular podcast apps, that could instantly hit a huge chunk of Patreon's business — and the business that Clubhouse is trying to build.


Apple finally announced AirTag, the company's Tile competitor. They're more expensive than Tile's offering, but close integration with the iPhone — and prime placement in Apple stores — will likely hurt Tile a lot. Expect a lot of anger from Tile about this at Wednesday's antitrust Senate hearing.


The new Apple TV works with iPhones to enable color calibration — a feature that will no doubt be "good enough" for many viewers. For Portrait and X-Rite, which make custom color calibration software and hardware, that could mean their already niche market shrinks further still.


Apple's already been moving away from Intel chips in its Mac lineup, and that transition is going full-steam ahead. The new iMac with Apple's M1 chip is yet more trouble for Intel — and will have Intel scrambling even faster to become the fab for Apple's custom silicon.


A new season of "Ted Lasso" is coming, so it's basically all over for Netflix.

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