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Republican FCC commissioner​ says Trump 'bears responsibility' for riots

Republican FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr, who has been one of President Trump's most outspoken allies on Big Tech issues, on Wednesday said he believes the president "bears responsibility" for the riots that engulfed Capitol Hill last week.

"Political violence is completely unacceptable," Carr told reporters. "I don't care what cause someone was pursuing, how justified they felt they were or they weren't, it is absolutely unacceptable and should be condemned by everybody."

"It's clear to me President Trump bears responsibility," Carr said.

He did not directly respond to questions about if he supports Twitter, Facebook and YouTube's decisions to suspend Trump from social media. "My focus right now is where everyone's should be — the transition, making sure we get to January 20 and have this peaceful transfer of power to Biden," he said.

He said recent events have highlighted that Section 230 has "failed."

"You've got core political speech, this lawful speech that's getting censored," Carr said. "And on the other hand you've got speech that is, in a constitutional sense, illegal ... whether it's inciting insurrection, fighting words, that are staying up. And so our current approach is producing errors in both directions."

Carr added he'll have more to say on Section 230 and content moderation issues after the transition of power later this month.

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