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Biden will nominate Lina Khan to the FTC

The nomination marks a huge win for progressive trust-busters, many of whom have been pushing Khan as a potential Biden administration pick for months.

Khan's academic work sparked a reckoning around how the country's antitrust laws could be used to take on the enormous power of major internet businesses including Amazon, Google and Facebook. Khan, who is allied with Senator Elizabeth Warren, was one of the key staffers who worked on the House Judiciary antitrust subcommittee's investigation, which concluded that the tech giants operate as monopolies.

Two congressional aides told Protocol last week that they anticipate Republican senators could briefly put a hold on her nomination, but she will likely be successfully confirmed by the Senate.

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On April 8, the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee released a bipartisan bill titled the "Strategic Competition Act of 2021." The legislation outlines a comprehensive plan for the U.S. to compete with China, particularly in the realms of science, technology and infrastructure.

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On Thursday, the Biden administration added seven Chinese entities to the U.S. export blacklist. The new additions include three Chinese firms and four government labs that build or operate supercomputers.

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Ten Chinese tech companies recently pledged to engage in fair competition and not take advantage of consumers.

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Several Alphabet workers on Friday sent an internal letter to Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, alleging that the company "does not provide a safe environment for those who face harassment in the workplace" and demanding that the company strip confirmed harassers of their direct reports.

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The suit, which was filed Thursday by the group Muslim Advocates, alleges that Facebook has violated consumer protection laws by misrepresenting the work it's doing to combat hate groups and anti-Muslim bigotry.

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