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Inside Amazon's new electric delivery vehicle.

Photo: Amazon
Amazon's electric delivery van.

Amazon's new electric delivery van has Alexa and 'a dance floor'

The only way for Amazon to meet its goal to produce net zero carbon in the next 20 years is to rethink everything about its delivery infrastructure. And while it works on drones and other projects, its electric delivery van seems to be getting closer to hitting the road.

The company showed off one of three models it has been building with Rivian, which as of now doesn't have a name more interesting than "customized electric delivery vehicle." The car itself is much more interesting: It's made to be driven at least partially autonomously, with cameras and sensors all the way around the van. But it also has an extra-strong drivers' side door, a "large windshield to enhance driver visibility," and Alexa integration for getting directions and other information.The overall design aesthetic could be described as "background character in a Pixar movie," with round headlights and flat, snub front. It's obviously optimized for storage space, too, and has what Amazon calls "a dance floor" with plenty of space for delivery drivers to move around.

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As for when the CEDV will join Amazon's delivery fleet, that's still unknown. But Amazon also said it's adding thousands of electric vehicles to its fleet this year, and that it's leaning into cargo e-bikes as another way to get around cities.

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