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Amazon is getting into the health wearables game

Today, Amazon announced a new product and service, called Halo. It's a combination of a water-resistant wearable without a screen, and a suite of services in the new Halo app.

The app will do the sorts of things you'd expect from a modern wearable, like tracking your activity and sleep quality, but the wearable also has a few unique tricks up its sleeve. Using your phone's camera, the app will be able to determine your body fat percentage — a measure Amazon claims is as accurate as methods a doctor would use.

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The wearable will also track what it calls your "tone," listening to how you sound when you speak all day, ascribing states like, "happy," "confused," or "worried," as well as giving you suggestions on how to improve your tone. "For example, Tone results may reveal that a difficult work call leads to less positivity in communication with a customer's family, an indication of the impact of stress on emotional well-being," the company said in a release.

Good thing we're not all stuck at home on work calls with our families at all times these days. That definitely isn't affecting anyone's health or tone.

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