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AWS starts the holiday weekend with sustained outages

AWS encountered a series of problems at the US-East-1 data center region in Northern Virginia on Wednesday morning, leading to increased error rates for a variety of key services, including the services it uses to update its cloud status page.

According to that status page, which was updated just after 8 a.m. PT, the dozens of services affected include its Cognito identity management service, Lambda serverless computing service, and SageMaker, which helps customers build and train AI models. Just before 10 a.m PT, AWS updated the status page to clarify which services are directly affected by the root cause of the problems: an outage for the Amazon Kinesis Data Streams service, which is having a cascading effect.

The outage comes just before the cloud leader's biggest event of the year, and did not sit well with customers who rely on those services within their own apps.

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