Amazon wants to depose Trump over JEDI contract it didn't win.

The company wants to bolster its case that President Trump improperly interfered in the decision-making process for the 10-year, $10 billion DoD cloud-computing contract that went to Microsoft instead of to AWS.

  • In a court filing unsealed Monday, Amazon argues that it should be allowed to depose the president and Secretary of Defense Mark Esper. It's seeking more information about the extent to which the president interjected himself in the JEDI bidding process.
  • President Trump's animosity toward Amazon is well known, stemming in part from the fact that Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post.
  • Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis told colleagues that President Trump wanted to "screw Amazon" and award the contract to Microsoft, according to a book on Mattis' service in the administration.
  • Amazon released a statement that read, in part: "President Trump has repeatedly demonstrated his willingness to use his position as president and commander in chief to interfere with government functions — including federal procurements — to advance his personal agenda."
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