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Facebook rolls out … Facebook from the 2000s

Time is a flat circle: Today, Facebook reverted to its roots, introducing a new service it's trialing called "Campus," where students can interact with others at their college.

Sound familiar? In the halcyon days of the early 2000s, before social media determined elections and instead was just a place to post photos of yourself at weird angles, a new social network emerged. It was targeted at college students — starting with Harvard and the rest of the Ivy League — as a place to connect online, like a digital version of the facebook that colleges send out to new students. The Facebook soon spread to other universities, then high schools and then … everyone. It dropped the "The" and took over the world.

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Much like early Facebook, students will need a .edu email address to sign up to Campus, and they'll then be able to join college-specific groups and find others in their school that share their academic and personal interests. It's trialing the program at 30 universities — but, surprisingly, Mark Zuckerberg's Harvard will not be one of them.

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