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French authorities fined Apple for slowing down old iPhones.

France's consumer authority announced that it has fined Apple €25 million, or about $28 million, for not informing users that a software update intentionally reduced the performance of older devices.

  • In 2017, Apple admitted that an iOS software update slowed down devices with degrading batteries, in an effort to prevent unexpected shutdowns. But before that point, it had implemented the feature without telling users.
  • French authorities, who've been investigating the practice since early 2018, weren't impressed. In a statement (translated from French), the authorities called the practice a "misleading commercial practice by omission."
  • According to France 24, the fine means Apple avoids a public trial — and the prospect of an even bigger fine.
  • Apple has already modified its practice: Since 2018, users have had the option to choose whether performance is reduced or not.
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