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Honeywell has a new quantum computer

The new version has a quantum volume of 128, which is double the volume of its computer from March.

Honeywell has a new quantum computer

The control room for Honeywell's quantum comptuers.

Photo: Honeywell

After publicly jumping into the quantum computing race earlier this year, Honeywell is already on a second generation of its computer.

The new version, announced Thursday, has a quantum volume of 128 (one metric for measuring how performant a quantum computer is), double the volume of its computer from March. That model was the H0, and now we're onto the H1.

In March, Honeywell's head of quantum, Tony Uttley, said that the company had a plan for increasing its computers' quantum volume by an order of magnitude every year for the next five years, so it seems it's heading in the right direction. Honeywell confirmed that it's already begun work on H2 and H3 computer models.

The quantum computing industry is still in its infancy, with companies looking to figure out how to make their machines solve tasks that classical computers can't, while at the same time trying to convince customers to come on that journey with them. Honeywell also announced Thursday that Merck, DHL and Accenture are using the H1, which they can access through a cloud portal that is not too dissimilar from coding on any other computer. JPMorgan Chase, which announced it was working with Honeywell earlier this year (and also has a partnership with IBM's quantum program), will also continue its work on the H1.

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