Huawei can access telecom networks, US warns.

U.S. officials have told allies that Huawei can access mobile networks through backdoors meant for law enforcement, The Wall Street Journal reports.

It's only being revealed now as American officials seek to show allies that the company poses a security threat.

  • For years, Washington has warned that Beijing could use Huawei equipment to eavesdrop on communications, and has pressured allies to exclude the company from 5G infrastructure rollouts.
  • But the campaign against Huawei has shown signs of failure, which some 5G experts attribute to a lack of evidence. Late last month, the U.K. government said it would allow the company to provide equipment to some portions of its 5G network.
  • The news of the backdoor access — which Huawei denies — comes as Germany prepares to make its own decision on Huawei. The country's ruling conservative party has backed a position that stops short of a Huawei ban, Reuters reported today.
  • A U.S. deputy national security adviser traveled to Berlin in December to share the intelligence with German government officials, according to the Journal.
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