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Marissa Mayer is back ... with a contacts app

The former Yahoo CEO has been busy since she stepped down from her role in 2017. The result is a contacts app with questionable design aesthetics, the first of a series of consumer apps she plans to release under the name Sunshine.

Per CNBC, Sunshine Contacts is "an address book app that relies on AI to find and merge duplicate contacts, fill out incomplete information and continually keep that information up to date." It works with the iOS Contacts app and Gmail to do that, and it'll be free for iOS users on an invitation-only basis.

I can't let this moment pass, though, without commenting on the rainbow logo, dated app design and dreadful Photoshopping on the launch site. Which, given Mayer and Sunshine cofounder Enrique Muñoz Torres have been working on the product "since 2018," according to CNBC, is quite remarkable.

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