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McDonald's is adding plant-based burgers to the menu

McDonald's is getting into plant-based burgers. The fast-food giant told USA Today that it will be unveiling plant-based food options in 2021, which, somewhat unsurprisingly, will be called "McPlant."

Unlike several other fast-food chains that have made the move to meatless, McD's apparently developed its product in-house, instead of relying on services from the likes of Beyond Meat and Impossible. (The company has in the past worked with Beyond.)

McDonald's had been running small tests of plant-based options in Canada since as early as last year, and was reportedly canvassing customers in the UK recently for their thoughts on vegan options at the Golden Arches. It's unclear what this move means for the Hamburglar.

It's a big time for Ronald and co., as the company also announced it would be introducing a new crispy chicken sandwich next year, entering into the other major fast-food trend of recent years. Also, in news that's almost diametrically opposed to vegan-friendly dining, McDonald's also recently announced it would be bringing back the unholy meat concoction that is the McRib.

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