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Rebecca Slaughter named acting FTC chair

Slaughter, who is a Democratic FTC commissioner and former staffer for Majority Leader Charles Schumer, is widely considered to be a frontrunner to become the permanent chair of the FTC. But until Biden announces his choice for chair, she'll take the reins of the agency.

"I am deeply honored and grateful to lead an agency that is critical to helping the U.S. economy get back on its feet and function more fairly for all Americans," Slaughter said.

At a Protocol event this week, Slaughter said she hopes the Democratic FTC will focus on antiracism in its approach to consumer protection and antitrust. She has aligned herself with the progressive wing of the party since she became a commissioner in 2018.

"I want us to be, in our enforcement efforts on marginalized communities, focusing on cases where harm disproportionately falls on people of color, whether that is as workers or as consumers," Slaughter said.

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