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Senate passes NDAA without Section 230 repeal

The Senate passed the NDAA, which does not include any language about reforming or repealing Section 230, with a veto-proof majority on Friday, proving there is will in Congress to override any veto from the president. The Senate voted in favor of the $740 billion defense bill 84-13.

The president had officially threatened to veto the must-pass defense spending bill because it does not repeal Section 230, but it's likely that Congress has the votes to override his veto. The House also passed the NDAA with a supermajority earlier this week.

Key lawmakers rejected Trump's veto threat last week, arguing any Section 230-related provision would kill the bill's prospects. While tech companies watched the action closely, many lobbyists shrugged off the prospect as it became clearer that Congress could achieve a veto-proof majority across both chambers.

The bill will now make its way to the president's desk. It's unclear if he will follow through with the threat to veto the legislation that funds the U.S. military and has passed every year for decades.

If he vetos the legislation, Congress would have to vote again to override his veto with a two-third majority in both chambers.

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