SoftBank's Vision Fund sequel is 'far short' of $108B target

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the Vision Fund 2 may come in at half of its predicted size.

  • Much of the second fund might be made up of the $38 billion already committed by SoftBank. "Other investors continue to assess potential future commitments," a SoftBank spokesman told The Journal.
  • Potential investors have been spooked since the WeWork fallout. SoftBank had said in July 2019 that it was planning on raising a second round, but then the WeWork IPO collapsed in the fall.
  • Investors from Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi reportedly told SoftBank they will put any profits from the first fund into the second, according to the Journal. But the success of the first fund is up in the air. Many of its biggest bets are laying people off.
  • It's unlikely to be the only goal SoftBank falls short on. In December 2016, Softbank CEO Masa Son pledged 50,000 jobs and $50 billion investment in the U.S. But then the layoffs happened.
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