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Trump administration to set restrictions on H-1B visas

The Trump administration announced new rules Tuesday that will force companies to increase pay for H-1B visa holders and shrink the range of jobs eligible for the skilled foreign worker visa program.

The announcement comes on the heels of an Oct. 1 decision by a federal judge in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California to temporarily block an earlier White House ban on all new visas for foreign workers through December.

Many tech companies rely on H-1B visas to hire skilled foreign workers and protested the earlier ban.

The new rules are intended to make it more difficult for skilled foreign workers to get visas and "protect American workers," according to statements from administration officials and the Department of Homeland Security.

The rule from the Department of Labor will require that companies pay H-1B visa workers at similar rates to U.S. workers.

The Department of Homeland security rules will shrink the range of "specialty occupations" for which companies can hire H-1B workers and set a one-year limit for placements at third-party worksites, amid other changes.

"Changing the requirements around H-1B and other work visas will only hurt American companies that depend on high-skilled workers who fill critical positions while we work to grow our domestic STEM pipeline," wrote TechNet President and CEO Linda Moore in a statement. "This new rule only harms America's ability to recover from the pandemic during this critical time and has zero impact on increasing domestic American jobs."


Expensify CEO David Barrett: ‘Most CEOs are not bad people, they're just cowards’

"Remember that one time when we almost had civil war? What did you do about it?"

Expensify CEO David Barrett has thoughts on what it means for tech CEOs to claim they act apolitically.

Photo: Expensify

The Trump presidency ends tomorrow. It's a political change in which Expensify founder and CEO David Barrett played a brief, but explosive role.

Barrett became famous last fall — or infamous, depending on whom you ask — for sending an email to the fintech startup's clients, urging them to reject Trump and support President-elect Joe Biden.

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Benjamin Pimentel

Benjamin Pimentel ( @benpimentel) covers fintech from San Francisco. He has reported on many of the biggest tech stories over the past 20 years for the San Francisco Chronicle, Dow Jones MarketWatch and Business Insider, from the dot-com crash, the rise of cloud computing, social networking and AI to the impact of the Great Recession and the COVID crisis on Silicon Valley and beyond. He can be reached at or via Signal at (510)731-8429.

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