What to expect from LinkedIn’s new CEO.

Jeff Weiner is stepping down from the role after 11 years to be replaced by global head of product Ryan Roslansky. So, what now?

  • Roslansky assumed his current role in 2016, shortly after he led the company's $1.5 billion purchase of the educational video firm Lynda.com. Lynda actually built out an education division that Roslansky had already nurtured, when he helped buy SlideShare, Forbes noted at the time.
  • In fact, Roslansky has historically been seen as an advocate for M&A at the company. He started his career founding an online housing site before launching Yahoo Classifieds, and led LinkedIn's acquisitions of the news aggregation service Pulse and news AI startup Newsle. Both those companies have contributed to LinkedIn's burgeoning content and blogging business, which Roslansky oversaw.
  • So, are deals and education in LinkedIn's future? It's hard to say about the former. But in March 2019, fellow LinkedIn executive Tanya Staples said that the LinkedIn Learning platform has over 12,000 enterprise customers, so it's fair to say that education certainly is.
  • Still, another view is that Roslansky may simply mean more of the same. An interview with he and the outgoing Weiner by Wired reports that Roslansky is Weiner's "closest colleague."
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