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Zoox unveils its driverless robotaxi

Zoox unveils its driverless robotaxi

Zoox's driverless vehicle.


After six years, Zoox, the self-driving car company now owned by Amazon, has unveiled what it believes to be the future of driverless transport.

The boxy vehicle, which shares more design language in common with a ski-lift gondola than a traditional people car, features a wide passenger area and several sensors. This battery-powered vehicle features two banks of seats facing each other and typifying the company's ambitious vision for a future where cars drive themselves. Given the lack of space for a driver, the vehicle only measures about 13 feet long.

Amazon acquired Zoox in June, and as of now, it looks as if the company will plow ahead with its people-moving vision, rather than diving into the autonomous package-moving business which Amazon has been exploring in recent years. As of now, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) hasn't approved a vehicle like Zoox's for use on U.S. roads (though it has approved Nuro's far smaller autonomous delivery vehicle), so it's unclear when we'd see something like this ferrying people around.

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