Protocol Climate
How tech is tackling climate change —
and reckoning with its own impact on the planet.

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Protocol Climate
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The climate crisis is the biggest existential threat facing humanity. And as the world’s most powerful industry, tech has a huge role to play in solving the problem.

Protocol Climate will explore how new technologies are being used to tackle climate change — and how the tech industry is reckoning with its own environmental impact.

Our Focus Areas

New technologies: From carbon capture and better batteries to artificial meat and clean construction, many new technologies promise to help reduce carbon pollution, stabilizing the climate. We’ll explore which ones really live up to the hype — and which technologies could put us in greater danger if the world relies too heavily on them. We’ll also look at how existing technologies can be rolled out at the scale climate change demands.

Corporate action: We’re less interested in Big Tech’s climate platitudes and press releases, and more interested in how the tech industry is reckoning with its own environmental impact and what it’s really doing about it. We’ll pull back the curtain on initiatives inside tech companies big and small to see what commitments and activities actually make a difference.

The money: Climate tech is receiving an unprecedented stream of funding. We’ll take a close look at the funding the climate tech industry is receiving, where it’s going, who’s giving it — and what that all means. That includes seeing which companies show promise to meaningfully reduce carbon pollution and which ones are vaporware.

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