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There's no going back. Enterprise software and cloud computing are how business is run now. Protocol Enterprise will ensure you are ready to compete and win.

Protocol Enterprise is your one stop for news, analysis and research on the people, power and politics of enterprise technology. We’ll look beyond the product launches and sales pitches to help you understand how enterprise tech is changing, the people making it happen and the implications for businesses everywhere.

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Our Focus
Our deeper focus areas will include:
  • The power dynamics of the enterprise industry: the battles between incumbent platforms and challenger startups; the pushback against the biggest cloud providers; and why some companies are choosing to go in-house.
  • New enterprise strategies: why SaaS companies are consolidating and streamlining their tech stacks; how even big cloud providers are adopting multi- and hybrid-cloud approaches; the changing approach to sales and retention.
  • The new tech that matters: the changing face of data centers; the rise of applied AI in SaaS; and new standards and approaches that will actually change the industry.
Our Methods

Our commitment to you, our business and tech executive readers, is to make our coverage actionable so you can apply it to your own work. Protocol Enterprise will share this news and analysis through our unique product offerings:

Daily Coverage and Alerts: Never say "I didn't know that": with our deep-dive reporting and news alerts, we do the hard work of keeping you informed.

Manuals: Our quarterly deep-dive reports will give you the roadmap of what’s next, featuring specific case studies from the world’s biggest companies.

Braintrusts: Don’t just take our word for it. We ask U.S. and global experts their opinions on the cutting-edge enterprise and B2B questions so you better understand what your peers in the industry are undertaking.

Newsletter: Everything you need to know, delivered to your inbox every Monday and Thursday starting Jan. 11.

Events: Regular virtual and live events with the insiders of enterprise computing.

Survey and Index Research: Separate from our news coverage, Protocol | Enterprise will provide invitation-only research in the future that allows you to look around the corner and see the trends before your peers and competition.

Our Current Coverage and Events