Sense, Perceive, Locate: How Robots Can Find Themselves: A fireside chat with HERE Technologies
Sense, perceive, locate: How robots can find themselves

Sense, perceive, locate: How robots can find themselves

How do autonomous cars know they're definitely in the right lane? How do drones avoid electricity cables? How do delivery robots know they're actually at the correct front door?

All autonomous vehicles need to know where they are in order to do their jobs properly and choose where to go next.

To do that, those robots — from warehouse helpers to autonomous semis — must use on-board sensor data and compare it to constantly changing 3D maps of the world.

But the sensors need to capture the right data, those maps need to be updated regularly and the on-board computers need to be able to crunch all the math.

In this Protocol event, we'll explore how that's possible thanks to advances in location intelligence, cellular data networks, mobile computing, and what it takes to make it possible.

Expert Panel

Ashu Rege
SVP of Software Engineering

Christoph Schroeder
VP of Software

Jyoti Sharma
Manager, Technology, Architecture & Planning



Alejandro Vukotich

VP of Automotive

Product Management


Jamie Condliffe

Managing Editor



Sponsor Remarks

Edzard Overbeek

Here Technologies

Bennett Richardson

General Manager



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