It's not privacy vs. security anymore
It's not privacy vs. security anymore

It's not privacy vs. security anymore

October 27

In the last few years, the roles of privacy and security executives — and the budgets they control — have grown significantly as organizations have worked to stymie the growing threat of cyberattacks and navigate the ever-changing landscape of data regulation. But good privacy and security strategies are often as much about people as they are policy, and the push and pull between the two remits can sometimes create friction within an organization.

In this event, recorded live at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2022, we will explore how the chief privacy and chief information security officer roles will evolve and how each can support the other best when the company needs it most.

Welcome Remarks

  • Bennett Richardson - president, Protocol
  • Amr Abdelhalem - head of cloud platforms, Fidelity Investments
  • Priyanka Sharma - executive director, Cloud Native Computing Foundation
  • Pratik Wadher - senior vice president of product development, Intuit


  • Chris Burrows - chief information security officer, Rocket Companies
  • Jacob DePriest - vice president, deputy chief security officer, GitHub
  • Elise Houlik - chief privacy officer, Intuit
  • Deepak Goel - chief technology officer, D2iQ
  • Kyle Alspach - senior reporter, Protocol, *Moderator

Presented by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

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