Enabling the technology of our future | Building the Future Event Series
Enabling the technology of our future

Enabling the technology of our future

In 2020, it feels like the world is changing faster than ever before. Offices are reopening, but the remote workforce is growing. Students are going back to school, but many institutions have gone virtual. And technologies like 5G promise a wave of new innovation in industries across the country.

What needs to happen now to build the economy of the future? How do we lay the infrastructure for smarter cities, factories and schools? What connectivity challenges will the future hold, from 5G to closing the digital divide? And in this future, how do we ensure that we are working, living and learning safely and securely?

Protocol's Issie Lapowsky and Emily Birnbaum lead a two-event series on the tech and policy needed to enable a diverse future workforce and a strong economy. This event series is hosted in partnership with ITI.

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