The Evolution of Cybersecurity

The Evolution of Cybersecurity

Companies have had employees working from home some five months now, and for many organizations, the 'end' of this pandemic-facilitated remote reality is still a year away, if at all. So far, we've seen companies put into place new cybersecurity protocols with varying degrees of success, but as companies now grapple with the close of a previous fiscal year or the start of a new one, it's clear that cybersecurity is the focus du jour across nearly every business.

Securing the workforce is often referred to as a team sport, and as CISOs and cybersecurity executives know too well, the high-performing organizations are the ones that prepare most from top to bottom. Doing so often requires tough choices, executive buy-in and well-researched incident response plans. Recently, Protocol asked a set of cybersecurity professionals what battles CISOs and security executives should pick if remote work is, in fact, here to stay, but the conversation around the evolution of security goes much deeper. How should companies be planning for ransomware attacks? What vulnerabilities are often overlooked or downplayed? How could a high-profile hack or data breach like Twitter's this summer have been handled better?

The cybersecurity playing field is always evolving, and in this new era of work, how should business leaders play their cards to ensure that their cybersecurity solutions outnumber their vulnerabilities?

Protocol invites you to join us for this timely conversation. This event is presented in partnership with Yubico.

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