Securing the enterprise
Securing the enterprise

Securing the enterprise

October 4

In today’s global landscape, cybersecurity threats are something that every business operating on the internet must face, not just enormous tech companies. In this event, we’ll examine the current best practices for securing both large and small to medium-sized businesses, providing viewers with a true threat landscape and information they can use to make decisions about the strategy that best supports their business goals.

Welcome Remarks

  • Bennett Richardson - President, Protocol
  • Rotem Iram - Founder & Chief Executive Officer, At-Bay


  • Andrew Rubin - Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Illumio
  • Alex Weinert - Vice President of Identity Security, Microsoft
  • Devdatta Akhawe - Head of Security, Figma
  • Jameeka Green Aaron - Chief Information Security Officer, Customer Identity, Okta
  • Kyle Alspach - Senior Reporter, Protocol, *Moderator

Presented by At-Bay.

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