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Facebook files motions to dismiss antitrust suits

Facebook is responding to the government's antitrust scrutiny.

Facebook is responding to the government's antitrust scrutiny.

Image: Protocol

The tech giant is seeking to dismiss the antitrust cases from the FTC and the state attorneys general, claiming neither “credibly claim[s]” that Facebook's conduct harmed competition or consumers.

Facebook argued in filings on Wednesday that the FTC did not establish a “plausible” antitrust market, had failed to make an adequate case that Facebook wields monopoly power, and lacks the authority to maintain the suit.

Meanwhile, the company claimed that the 48 states bringing a separate but similar antitrust suit lack the authority to bring their case and have failed to adequately argue that Facebook's acquisitions of WhatsApp and Instagram violated the Clayton Act.

“Our acquisitions have been good for competition, good for advertisers and good for people,” Facebook wrote in a blog post. “Our products remain popular because we constantly evolve, innovate and invest in better experiences for people against world-class competitors. We believe the government should be denied the do-over it seeks.”

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