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The data scientist boom

There's huge thirst for data-related expertise in the job market.

If it feels like your team is full of data fanatics, you're not mistaken.

The growth in U.S. jobs related to fields including data science and machine learning compared to other tech roles has been explosive over the past six years, according to analysis by the job-listing site Indeed, carried out for Protocol.

For roles related to machine learning, the proportion of advertised jobs per million overall tech jobs more than tripled between May 2015 and May 2021, from 1,021 roles per million tech jobs to 3,289. Data science roles told a similar story, with an increase from 784 roles per million to 2,448 over the same period. And deep learning saw an incredible 1,441% increase, from just 35 roles per million to 544. (Those deep learning experts might've preferred we use a logarithmic scale.)

The waves of the COVID-19 pandemic put a natural dampener on data-related job listings, as they did across broad swathes of the economy. But the recovery in hiring across these data roles in May, as the vaccination program became pervasive, was sharp.

If your team or company isn't home to a data wrangler yet, it surely won't be long until it is.

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