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The messy future of work

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Your five-minute guide to the best of Protocol (and the internet) from the week that was, from the future of work to the future of crypto regulation.

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Best of Protocol

Why remote work is the new most important perk

  • You already subscribed to Protocol | Workplace, right? If not, you should! Our new newsletter and team will be covering everything about the future of work, from employee empowerment to Slack tips to the latest theories in hybrid management. Catch up on our first issue, and don't miss the next one!

How Twitter hired tech's biggest critics to build ethical AI, by Anna Kramer

  • Ethical AI is an important but difficult team to build in your company. (Just ask Google.) But Twitter's META team, so far, seems to be proof that it's possible. And it came together simply because Twitter decided it mattered and gave the team room to work.

Proximity bias is real. Returning to the office could make it worse, by Megan Rose Dickey

  • Every boss knows that it's all too easy to rely solely on the people nearby and forget about the rest of the team. A move to all-remote upended that thinking to some extent, and now many people are warning that a return to the office could make things even worse.

How a Chinese app could succeed where Quibi failed, by Caiwei Chen

  • Don't take Quibi's failure as a sign that short-form shows can't work. Take Kuaishou's massive success in China as a sign that Quibi just really, really screwed up the execution. And keep an eye on Kuaishou, which just hit a billion monthly users and could be the next TikTok-sized global hit.

California wants to regulate crypto. Meet the woman in charge, by Ben Pimentel

  • At some point, somebody's going to have to regulate crypto. And given the way things work in the U.S., it only makes sense that California would be first into the breach. This interview with Christina Tetreault, the state's new fintech overseer, offers good insight into what regulation might look like.


Trello Enterprise is where large teams complete their best work: secure, easy to manage at scale, with powerful integrations and automations at your fingertips. Learn how Trello has sustained hybrid work over the past decade with tips and best practices from its founding leadership team.

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Best of Everything Else

David Dobrik Was the King of YouTube. Then He Went Too Far. — Rolling Stone

  • Modern life is ruled by algorithms, and success goes to those who understand and exploit them the best. (Cynical? Maybe. But hard to argue with.) David Dobrik did that better than just about anybody, at least for a while. This is a good look at what the relentless algorithmic drive requires and what it costs.

An interview with a leading venture capitalist — TechCrunch

  • The VC interview to end all VC interviews. "Please consult our portfolio page. Here is a name of a startup we've backed. Here's another. Those are the hot areas and the hot companies. All other areas are ice-cold, overpriced, and generally over-hyped."

He Thought He Could Outfox the Gig Economy. He Was Wrong. — Wired

  • Jeffrey Fang became famous in February when his car was stolen while he was delivering for DoorDash … with his kids in the backseat. (It turned out OK, don't worry.) This story takes a bunch of turns and makes you question a lot about how the world works right now.

Google Executives See Cracks in Their Company's Success — The New York Times

  • Sundar Pichai is widely known as a careful, quiet and fundamentally decent person. Is that incompatible with boldly leading a company like Google into the unknown future? Some executives think so, and have left Google as a result. But as you read this story, think about the parallels to the succession from Steve Jobs to Tim Cook. A lot of the same questions came up then, too.

Interview: Marc Andreessen, VC and tech pioneer — Noahpinion

  • This Andreessen interview is definitely real, which we feel the need to tell you, given … the last one. And in it, Andreessen lays out a lot of his thoughts about software, China, crypto and more. These are talking points you'll start to hear a lot.


Company culture has changed overnight. With a mass shift to home offices, many businesses are asking: What does our future look like when people can work from anywhere? In this first-ever roundtable with Trello's leadership team, learn how Trello has scaled a successful hybrid work model over the past decade.

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