Protocol Policy
How policy is shaping tech — and how the tech industry is responding.

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Protocol Policy
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The tech industry is one of the world’s most powerful forces — and policy makers and regulators know it. From monopoly concerns over blockbuster acquisitions to fears over the safety of children online, the tech industry is coming under ever more intense scrutiny in halls of power around the world. At the same time, companies are pushing back on proposals that could change their business models forever.

Protocol Policy covers the most important tech regulatory action at the state, federal, and international levels, along with how the tech industry is responding and how it would be affected if the rhetoric hardens into law. Expect to read about merger reviews, hearings, bills, mis- and disinformation on social media, moves by tech company policy teams, action from international regulators, and far more.
Our Focus Areas

Calls for tighter tech policy and regulation — from lawmakers, regulators, small businesses, and even consumers — have become deafening, but the outcomes so far have been piecemeal and far more is yet to come. We’ll go deep on what governments and regulators are planning, how tech companies are fighting back or preparing, and how the industry is set to change as a result. In particular, we’ll look at:

  • Regulation: Antitrust action, new privacy laws and more will keep reshaping the tech industry at every level, as new approaches pit the most powerful companies in the world against lawmakers, upstarts, and each other. How will that all play out?
  • Misinformation and disinformation: Those are big business, and they’re not going away. Platforms are hosting challenges to reality on every topic — from healthcare to elections and everything in between. How will companies deal with truths, lies and the murky middle?
  • Who to watch: The federal government sets the playing field for all these businesses, but Congress is slow to act, if it acts at all. What else is happening — in the states, in agencies, and around the world — to fill the void? And where should the industry be looking to find out what happens next?
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