Robotic Process Automation


Automation Anywhere
Power Score: 51.99 Momentum Score: 67.06 (1) HQ: San Jose, CA CEO: Mihir Shukla


Valuation: $6.8 billion (+278% vs. last round, 2018)

Amt. Raised: $840 million


Lobbying Spend: No

Industry Orgs: No


Headcount: 4,289 (+53% YoY)

Engineering Headcount: 698 (+17% YoY)

Big Tech Experience: 2%

Open Roles: 272


R&D Spending: n/a

Patents Applied For: 8

Patents Owned: 17

Acquisitions: No


Exec Team Exits: Clyde Hosein (CFO)

Diversity Data?: No

ESG/CSR Data?: No

On Power

Automation Anywhere isn't the most powerful RPA company, but it's ascending quickly and tops our ranking by momentum. Part of that has to do with a Google Cloud product-building partnership announced in March 2021. Automation Anywhere also offers platform integrations with AWS Lambda and Azure Active Directory. By working alongside Big Tech, Automation Anywhere believes it can boost its prevalence in the enterprise IT stack, acting as a neutral software nervous system. While Automation Anywhere has been on a growth tear in recent years, the company will likely keep in mind that Big Tech relationships are born of mutual convenience: Google, for instance, has hedged its bets by also forging a partnership with Workato, which is taking an API-based approach to workplace automation that could contribute to the undoing of the RPA sector.

On Disruption

Automation Anywhere shines when it comes to disruption potential. Its market cap has grown nearly fourfold over the past year, faster than any RPA competitor on this list apart from Kryon Systems, which hasn't yet surpassed the unicorn threshold. Of note, Automation Anywhere's engineering headcount has grown at a much slower pace (+17%) than its overall headcount (53%), which suggests it's focused on building out business operations at this growth stage.

Tea Leaves

Automation Anywhere is fairly large for a pre-IPO company, but that could change soon, especially now that its primary competitor, UiPath, has gone public. Recent C-suite shake ups point in this direction: James Budge joined Automation Anywhere as CFO in May 2021. Budge brings with him experience guiding three companies through the IPO process. Automation Anywhere also managed to fill its COO spot with Mike Micucci, who previously served as the CEO of Salesforce Cloud.

They Said It

"Many of our customers brought their 2023 or 2025 digital plans forward to this year or next year … large customers are coming to us and deploying this capability to every single employee. I have never seen a true digital transformation at this scale before." — CEO Mihir Shukla in a March 2021 interview with Protocol
Robotic Process Automation