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Protocol’s return to work calendar

Protocol’s return to work calendar

There was a moment this summer when it felt as if the tech industry was in the full swing of "soft reopening" — a phase many companies were using as they tried to bring a fraction of employees back to the office while most continue working remotely.

All that started to change in late July as the delta variant quickly spread and COVID-19 cases rose, even among the vaccinated.

The industry is looking to each other for norms as companies continue to mandate or strongly encourage vaccines and make plans for how and when they'll return to the office — mostly using a hybrid or remote-first model.

This is a living calendar, so please get in touch about your company's plans and we'll keep things updated.

(A note: "Soft reopenings" will generally be denoted as remote-first 🌎, even for companies that may later transition to a hybrid 💻 or in-office 🏢model. That's because during the soft-opening period, offices are open on a voluntary basis, and most or all employees can still work remotely.)

July 2021

Adobe (50% capacity) 💉🌎😃

Airtable (50% capacity) 💉🌎😃

Asana (soft reopening) 💉🌎😃

Google (soft reopening in California) 💉🌎😃

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (20% to 50% capacity) 🌎😃

Klaviyo (soft reopening) 😃

SAP (100% capacity) 🌎😃

Twilio (soft reopening) 💉🌎😃

Twitter (50% capacity) 💉🌎😃

August 2021

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (full reopening) 🌎😃

Pure Storage (soft reopening) 💉🌎😃

September 2021

Amazon 💻😃

Facebook (50% capacity) 💉💻😃

Intel 😃

Microsoft 💻😃

Momentive (25% capacity) 🌎😃

Qualtrics 💻😃

VMware (full reopening) 🌎😃

Workhuman 💻😃

October 2021

Apple 💻😷

Facebook (full reopening) 💉💻😃

Google (full reopening)💉💻😃

Uber (full reopening) 💉💻😷

January 2022

DoorDash 💻


Salesforce (full reopening) 💻😃

SAP (all employees can WFH "through at least the end of 2021") 💻😃

ServiceNow (all employees can WFH "through at least the end of 2021") 💻😃

Twilio (full reopening) 🌎😃

February 2022

Asana (full reopening) 💻😃

Lyft 💉💻

September 2022

Airbnb 💻