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How Apex Fintech Solutions is powering the rise and growth of digital consumer trading platforms
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How Apex Fintech Solutions is powering the rise and growth of digital consumer trading platforms

For every trading revolution, you need a strong technological backbone.

The meteoric rise of consumer trading platforms — where everyday users can trade stocks, shares and cryptocurrencies — has been one of the more compelling stories of 2021.

But effecting and making trades doesn't just happen automatically. To withstand the rigor and speed of the retail investor revolution, you need a strong technological backbone to power the market. Apex Fintech Solutions is a leader in the fintech space, providing the infrastructure upon which some of the world's top digital trading platforms operate. Apex enables fintech startups to get off the ground and grow at pace, enabling clients to regularly meet their goals, even as their platform scales at speed. As of June 30, 2021, Apex has more than 17 million customer accounts, including 1.6 million crypto trading accounts.

The rush of retail investors is no problem for Apex's infrastructure: Companies come to the business with clear goals that Apex recognizes could change and evolve over time as demand does. Apex's range of tailored solutions is ideal for any sized business at any stage of its development. Businesses can grow through the Apex platform by adding products to enhance existing customers' experience and helping them reach new customers. Want to attract a more forward-thinking range of traders? Apex's fractional share and crypto trading services can be smoothly integrated into a client's platform to bring in new customers.

The whole process is a virtuous cycle: By making customers more sticky, companies built on Apex can grow over and over again, all the while expanding their offerings and ensuring the most robust uptime possible. It's all part of the democratization of the digital economy, handing power to everyday people to earn how they want.

"We support a wide range of clients on the Apex platform — all mission-driven, trying to solve challenges that exist today," said Bill Capuzzi, CEO of Apex Fintech Solutions. "We put them in the driver's seat and help bring their biggest ideas to life behind the scenes through digital tools and data-driven approaches."

Capuzzi's business partners with "like-minded clients who like to challenge the status quo and demand disruption," understanding their business needs and what will help them grow — and supporting them in achieving that goal. It's helped companies around the world manage to become powerhouses in the world of trading. Apex is trusted by big businesses to hold more than $100 billion in investor assets through its custody service.

"Delivering a cohesive experience to our members across both automated and active investing on SoFi Invest is paramount. Partnering with Apex has enabled us to leverage technology, removing friction and connecting the dots, so that interactions flow more seamlessly between product offerings" said Anthony Noto, CEO of SoFi, one of the companies utilizing the power of Apex's technology. SoFi offers both self-directed and managed investing solutions — both of which are seamlessly supported by Apex's digital backbone.

Many companies have used Apex as their solutions provider for many years — a testament to the success and strength it has in supporting and growing businesses in this buzzy, ever-changing space. "We came to Apex as a startup and have experienced robust growth since our launch in 2018, all while staying true to our mission of lowering the barrier to entry for everyday investors," said a spokesperson from Titan. "For example, Titan users now have access to managed crypto portfolios alongside investing in equities, which is advantageous for first-time investors or people who are interested in diversifying their portfolio with cryptocurrencies and getting a holistic view of their investments."

Titan is conscious that the world of markets and industry regulations is fast-moving and complex, and so leans heavily on educating and clearly communicating with its investors to help them make more informed decisions about their personal finances.

Apex has also been a key partner for Public.com, the fast-growing investing platform that launched in 2019 after early funding and development.

"At Public, we believe deeply in helping people get started investing and be better investors — and by providing us fantastic infrastructure and partnership in developing innovative new products, Apex enables us to focus all of our efforts on that mission," said Stephen Sikes, COO of Public.com. "Simply put, we wouldn't be where we are today without the Apex platform."

It's that adaptability that keeps clients loyal to Apex, and helps them grow in the highly competitive and turbulent world of democratized finance. As of June 2021, 11 million of Apex's customers were aged 18-40 — but as others start to see the potential in this new and growing space, they're starting to jump in. Three in four accounts opened in the first half of 2021 are aged 40 and under.

With those changing demographics come different customer needs. Apex doesn't simply shoehorn ill-fitting solutions onto clients. Instead, it works in partnership to understand their needs, then meet them. "We don't have one single playbook that we abide by," said Capuzzi. "We imagine and then re-imagine new solutions with our clients and arm them with the tools and support they need to evolve ahead of the curve."

Want to get onboard the revolution? Visit go.apexfintechsolutions.com/connect to learn more about how you can partner to deliver best-in-class investing solutions for the next generation.