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How Intel Partner University helps build core cloud competency
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How Intel Partner University helps build core cloud competency

In a fast-moving world, keeping abreast of developmentshas never been more important.

The world of cloud computing has become ever more complicated as the world relies increasingly on the underlying technology that powers our key apps, services and products. Data drives our world, and will continue to define our future. Edge computing, the proliferation of 5G and the rise of AI and big data all require cloud computing at a scale never seen before.

That has created a need and an opportunity for IT professionals to learn about new, advanced technologies. “Cloudification is driving critical demand for a broad range of cloud skills, including DevOps, Migration Execution, Data Planning, Cloud Security and CSP optimization,” said Rob Rollinger, Director of Intel® Cloud.U at Intel. Gaining a specialization in these areas offers the opportunity for experts to promote their work, build a career and gain new experiences that may lead to new job opportunities.

Intel Partner University, exclusively available to Intel Partner Alliance members, helps professionals succeed in positioning and selling Intel products and solutions through industry-leading curriculum with specialized training paths and personalized training recommendations. Courses educate experts on core competencies around Intel products and enable partners to maximize their revenue and profit potential by creating the right offerings featuring Intel-based products and services.

The university curriculum covers five key areas: data center and cloud, IoT, client, networking and storage and programmable solutions. Each area includes all the basics, plus a variety of sub-topics to learn from, at no cost to Intel Partner Alliance members.

Recently, Intel launched the Cloud Fundamentals curriculum on Intel Partner University. “Cloud Fundamentals is designed to deliver a solid foundation of knowledge around key cloud concepts, technologies and usage while helping users understand how to unlock the value of the Intel technology in the cloud,” said Rollinger.

The Cloud Professional series — set to launch in early 2022 — will provide partners with the ability to specialize further, either on the technical or business side. “The new Cloud Professional Series provides a deeper understanding of the cloud and the technology that drives it while also introducing role-based specialization through the Cloud Technical Professional and Cloud Business Professional competencies,” said Rollinger.

In all, Intel Partner University offers hundreds of courses for professionals, all tailored to specific needs of people in and around the industry. What’s more, every program has been tested on Intel’s own technical and sales teams to ensure not a single thing is overlooked.

Partners receive digital badges which can be used to promote their skills to customers, as well as help them feel more confident in their skills and knowledge. It’s all to assist partners in growing their business. By utilizing the skills learned at Intel Partner University, professionals can better support customers before, during and after a sale — with those on the technical side gaining a deeper understanding of the technologies they use day-in and day-out.

The flexibility and personalization of the Partner University platform is one of its greatest strengths. When a partner first logs on to Intel Partner University, they are asked several questions about day-to-day job function, goals and areas of interest. Based on that information, their homepage displays personalized content to help achieve those targets. Partners can also pick and choose content a la carte, filtering courses by format, market segment, sales skills or solution — or any combination of the above.

Many of the courses are available in 15 or more languages, so partners can learn in whatever language they speak and wherever they are in the world via mobile learning.

This hands-on, state-of-the-art training on Intel products is just one of the many benefits of being a member of the Intel Partner Alliance. Alongside the advanced training and competencies, Intel Partners have access to:

  • Expedited support from Intel experts and account personnel
  • The Intel® Solutions Marketplace and Intel® Marketing Studio – helping generate more demand for products and services
  • Cloud Insider Community — delivering content, tools and resources to foster partnerships among the cloud ecosystem to bring joint cloud solutions to market
  • Membership program that accrues points to unlock additional resources

The Intel Partner Alliance is a fast track to deeper knowledge and engagement with Intel’s core suite of products — and through that membership, enrollment in Intel Partner University is a way to become more knowledgeable about the tools and services partners use every day. To access all the benefits of being an Intel Partner, and to catch up with the latest developments in the world of cloud computing, make sure to join Intel Partner Alliance today.