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What’s your top piece of advice for increasing sales performance?
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What’s your top piece of advice for increasing sales performance?

Clari's leaders and partners addressing the biggest questions in tech

Pilar Schenk, COO at Cisco Collaboration

Pilar Schenk is the Chief Operating Officer of

Cisco Collaboration responsible for growing

the organization at a global level.

"To win more revenue for your sales teams, start with the customer. Understand what your customers need, and make sure that those needs are aligned to clearly defined internal success criteria. Build trust across the teams that what you sold the customer is what is being delivered."

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Madalina Paul, RVP of Major Accounts, DocuSign

Madalina Paul is the Regional Vice President of Major Accounts at Docusign.

"Finding transformational talent is not easy; and by extension, you should be purposeful in your strategy to retain exceptional individuals. Giving everyone the right environment to develop, grow, and learn will continuously increase revenue performance across the whole team and maximize the impact that your talent has on the organization."

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Michael Megerian, Chief Revenue Officer of Yello

Michael Megerian is the Chief Revenue Officer of Yello, with over 21 years of experience building and managing SaaS revenue organizations, at Oracle, Taleo, and Ariba.

"Trying to make every deal as big as possible often adds complexity and extends sales cycles. To accelerate growth, sellers should focus on landing faster, and then expanding, and expanding again. Getting customers into your solution sooner helps you solve their initial problems, then later, you can grow together."

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Dan O'Connell, Chief Strategy Officer of Dialpad

Dan O’Connell serves as the Chief Strategy Officer and is also a member of the Board of Directors at Dialpad.

"Make it easy for prospects to go through the buying process. At every step of the journey from lead to customer, make sure they are getting as much sales assistance as they need. Focusing on the conversion rates from lead to opportunity to customer lets you spot friction and accelerate deals faster."

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Bhaskar Roy, CMO of Workato

Bhaskar Roy is the Chief Marketing Officer of Workato. He brings more than 20 years of experience in building and bringing software products to market.

"Bring sales into the marketing planning sessions. The goal of marketing is to help drive pipeline to sellers that turn into revenue. Cross-functional input from sales, marketing, customer success, channels, and anyone else involved in the process drives full alignment."

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Mark Ebert, SVP of Sales, 6Sense

Mark Ebert is the Senior Vice President of Sales at 6Sense, where he leads all sales, revenue operations, and enablement teams.

"If you want to improve your sellers' performance, protect their time. Make it clear what high-value activities actually matter and manage against only those. Don't waste energy reporting on activities for the sake of reporting activities."

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Andrew Casey, CFO of WalkMe

Andrew Casey is the Chief Financial Officer of WalkMe. He brings over 20 years of financial experience with companies like ServiceNow, HP, and Symantec to managing financial operations.

"When heading toward IPO, align rep metrics with company growth metrics. Knowing the activities that drive predictable revenue at the rep level means you can promote and reproduce those behaviors across your entire organization."

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