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TikTok appointed the first members to its Content Advisory Council.

Chaired by Dawn Nunziato, a professor at George Washington University Law School, the council will "provide unvarnished views on and advice around TikTok's policies and practices," Vanessa Pappas, TikTok's U.S. general manager, said.

Also on the council:

    • Rob Atkinson, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
    • Hany Farid, University of California, Berkeley Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences and School of Information
    • Mary Anne Franks, University of Miami Law School
    • Vicki Harrison, Stanford Psychiatry Center for Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing
    • David Ryan Polgar, All Tech Is Human
    • Dan Schnur, USC Annenberg Center on Communication and UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies

    Microsoft wants to replace artists with AI

    Better Zoom calls, simpler email attachments, smart iPhone cases and other patents from Big Tech.

    Turning your stories into images.

    Image: USPTO/Microsoft

    Hello and welcome to 2021! The Big Tech patent roundup is back, after a short vacation and … all the things … that happened between the start of the year and now. It seems the tradition of tech companies filing weird and wonderful patents has carried into the new year; there are some real gems from the last few weeks. Microsoft is trying to outsource all creative endeavors to AI; Apple wants to make seat belts less annoying; and Amazon wants to cut down on some of the recyclable waste that its own success has inevitably created.

    And remember: The big tech companies file all kinds of crazy patents for things, and though most never amount to anything, some end up defining the future.

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    Mike Murphy

    Mike Murphy ( @mcwm) is the director of special projects at Protocol, focusing on the industries being rapidly upended by technology and the companies disrupting incumbents. Previously, Mike was the technology editor at Quartz, where he frequently wrote on robotics, artificial intelligence, and consumer electronics.

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