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WhatsApp sues India over unmasking rules, report says

Facebook's encrypted chat platform said it would have to keep tabs on all messages and break encryption to comply with new rules requiring the identification of some users, according to Reuters.

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Facebook's WhatsApp sued India over rules that it said would require it to break encryption, according to a report.

Image: Protocol

Facebook's WhatsApp has sued the Indian government, saying new requirements to identify certain users accused of crimes violates the country's constitutional privacy guarantees, according to a Reuters report.

The chat service, which is highly popular in India, said that the requirement to unveil the "first originator of information" would require it to keep tabs on all messages and break the app's encryption, said the report, which cited unnamed people familiar with the filing.

An unnamed government official said the app was not being asked to break encryption.

India has been increasingly clashing with social media companies. On Monday, members of Delhi Police's elite Special Cell reportedly visited two of Twitter's offices to serve a notice related to a "manipulated media" label that Twitter had recently applied to a tweet from a spokesperson for India's ruling party.

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